[fpc-pascal] Return value of StrToHostAddr and StrToHostAddr6 in sockets unit

Marco van de Voort core at pascalprogramming.org
Wed May 13 12:46:16 CEST 2020

Op 12/05/2020 om 23:05 schreef Noel Duffy via fpc-pascal:
>>> function TryStrToHostAddr(IP: String; var ip4: in_addr): Boolean;
>>> function TryStrToHostAddr6(IP: String; var ip6: in6_addr): Boolean;
>>> Rationale for this request: All conversion calls in sysutils and 
>>> dateutils use this naming scheme, it's good for consistency.
>>> (and I hate underscores, but that's beside the point ;))
>> Yes to the principle and yes to the TryStrTo naming. But I would make 
>> the IP param CONST ;-)
> Good idea, and normally I would, but the current implementation of 
> StrToHostAddr (see below) does Delete on IP as it processes it. As it 
> currently stands this function must accept a non-const.
Miight have been when posex() was in strutils, however nowadays Pos() 
accepts a start index too. Even shortstring only versions.

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