[fpc-pascal] FPCMake and Makefile.fpc question

Bart bartjunk64 at gmail.com
Tue May 5 20:35:28 CEST 2020


Here's the first line of the Lazarus Makefile:
# Don't edit, this file is generated by FPCMake Version 2.0.0
default: all
MAKEFILETARGETS=i386-linux i386-go32v2 i386-win32 i386-os2
i386-freebsd i386-beos i386-haiku i386-netbsd i386-solaris
i386-netware i386-openbsd i386-wdosx i386-darwin i386-emx i386-watcom
i386-netwlibc i386-wince i386-embedded i386-symbian i386-nativent
i386-iphonesim i386-android i386-aros m68k-linux m68k-netbsd
m68k-amiga m68k-atari m68k-palmos m68k-macos m68k-embedded
powerpc-linux powerpc-netbsd powerpc-amiga powerpc-macos
powerpc-darwin powerpc-morphos powerpc-embedded powerpc-wii
powerpc-aix sparc-linux sparc-netbsd sparc-solaris sparc-embedded
x86_64-linux x86_64-freebsd x86_64-netbsd x86_64-solaris
x86_64-openbsd x86_64-darwin x86_64-win64 x86_64-embedded
x86_64-iphonesim x86_64-aros x86_64-dragonfly arm-linux arm-netbsd
arm-palmos arm-darwin arm-wince arm-gba arm-nds arm-embedded
arm-symbian arm-android arm-aros powerpc64-linux powerpc64-darwin
powerpc64-embedded powerpc64-aix avr-embedded armeb-linux
armeb-embedded mips-linux mipsel-linux mipsel-embedded mipsel-android
jvm-java jvm-android i8086-embedded i8086-msdos i8086-win16
aarch64-linux aarch64-darwin wasm-wasm sparc64-linux

As you can imagine that's way more targest than Lazarus actually supports.
And the Makefile is cluttered with hundreds of unnecessary lines,
which makes identifying an actual bug in the Lazarus build process
(which might be in the Makefile) rather difficult.

Is it possible to control this in the makefile.fpc file?



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