[fpc-pascal] how to make this tp7 code work on fpc

Travis Siegel tsiegel at softcon.com
Sat Jun 27 04:09:39 CEST 2020

I'm porting some code from tp7 to fpc, and I'm running into an error I 
don't know how to fix.  The comments claim it's supposed to be a hash 
table, but to me, it looks more like labels tied to various arrays.

   Ofs_00_02: Word = Ofs (Ofs_00_01);
   Tok_00_02: TToken = Token_BEGIN;
   ResWordLen_BEGIN: Byte = 5;
   ResWord_BEGIN: Array [1..5] of Char = 'BEGIN';

   Ofs_00_03: Word = Ofs (Ofs_00_02);
   Tok_00_03: TToken = Token_DIV;
   ResWordLen_DIV: Byte = 3;
   ResWord_DIV: Array [1..3] of Char = 'DIV';

   Ofs_00_04: Word = Ofs (Ofs_00_03);
   Tok_00_04: TToken = Token_NIL;
   ResWordLen_NIL: Byte = 3;
   ResWord_NIL: Array [1..3] of Char = 'NIL';

   Ofs_00_05: Word = Ofs (Ofs_00_04);
   Tok_00_05: TToken = Token_PROCEDURE;
   ResWordLen_PROCEDURE: Byte = 9;
   ResWord_PROCEDURE: Array [1..9] of Char = 'PROCEDURE';

Fpc just gives me illegal expression errors, with no indication as to 
what's illegal about them.  Any suggestions?

Thanks for any help in advance.

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