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> No it does not work. Docs says literal string needs to be quoted with "
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This format works for me:
'ddd, dd mmm yyyy hh:nn:ss'
Fpc 3.04, windows 7, 32bits, and fpc 3.04, Linux, 64bits.

Some points:

  * "m" is allowed for minutes , nevertheless, I use for minutes "n",
    not "m".
  * I have suppressed the time zone information, I couldn't see how to
    set it in formatStrings, nevertheless, it ignores the GMT, or
    anything after time in input string with no error.
  * I think that the scanner ignores the character after weekday, it
    expects a separator, as long as it is not a "d" if will accept and
    skip anything. So the double quote after the three "d" of
    'ddd", "dd is ignored and everything breaks. It's a little confusing.
  * The weekday and month depend on you local.
  * using non-ascii characters breaks things. In Spanish Wednesday is
    "Miércoles" (e with acute accent) and Tuesday is "Martes": "mar, 28
    abr 2020" works, but "Mié, 29 Abr 2020" fails. I think that the
    problem is that é  uses two bytes in UTF-8, but scan only deals
    properly with single byte characters


Santiago A.

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