[fpc-pascal] Search path order for fpc.cfg

Joost van der Sluis joost at cnoc.nl
Mon Apr 13 17:04:41 CEST 2020

Op 12-04-2020 om 13:30 schreef fredvs via fpc-pascal:
> OK, I am ready for the combat, I am sure of my arguments.

I do have a perfect solution for you. I've made a fpc-otb, as you call 
it years (over a decade?) ago.

And i don't even need Michael's patch for it. (The one with the 

But I'm not giving it to you.

I don't care that you need it, or that you help others with it. You are 
just too hostile.

I don't understand why Michael has so many patience with you. And still 
tries to help you. And when he does help you, this is the reaction he gets.

People might blame me that I am not willing to help newbies and such. 
But reading all this alone takes too much of my time. Time I could spend 
on something useful. Or users that deserve my help.

Some quoted I had to accept:

 > Sorry but not all users are gurus.

(We give you some hints, you blame us for making things too difficult?)

 > And sorry also if it dont follow the rules of the good old boy way.

(No explanation necessary)

 > <a fork> was done not for create a new war but because some features 
are really needed.

(Yep, you think that creating a war is the way to get what you want...)

 > And if some similar patches are applied to official fpc, I the 
repository can be deleted.

(Yes, threatening us will help ya)

 > Sorry but time goes out, I dont have time to be patient any more.

(You ask us for help, we try to help you, but you don't have the decency 
to give us some patience?)

 > And each time that I request it, it finished by insult.

(Yeah, sure. Show me such an insult. Well, maybe this mail, saying you 
are too hostile?)

 > @Jonas, I apologize, really, you kindly answered but I feel alone 
against a tribe of gurus who want to eat me.

(Even in an apology, you call us a tri... well, maybe there is a reason 
for that)



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