[fpc-pascal] Why external execution so slow? (fixed)

Marco van de Voort fpc at pascalprogramming.org
Fri Apr 3 10:46:31 CEST 2020

Op 2020-04-02 om 08:45 schreef Gabor Boros:
> 2020. 04. 01. 17:21 keltezéssel, Marco van de Voort írta:
>> But at least FPC3.2.0rc1 has a rewritten tprocess/runcommand that 
>> makes this fixable without source changes and recompilation, look at 
>> the next example:
> It's fast but FPC's help not showed on the screen.
It needs an addiional "writeln(os)", but here it work fine. Note that I 
also changed the drive letter of the fpc executable to suit my different 

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