[fpc-pascal] Illegal counter variable?

DougC doug at moosemail.net
Wed Sep 11 19:09:24 CEST 2019

Actually, the original code used two VARs, not typed CONST. One VAR was initialized and one was not. I think this is a bug and should be fixed.

As Jonas already pointed out:

"var i : longint = 0;" is internally handled using the same code path as 

"const i : longint = 0", and typed constants cannot be used as counter 

variables. This is indeed probably a bug.

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Yes, off topic. The initial poster's code had the loop variable declared as an initialized constant. Not as a true variable. No FPC in hand, I can't test if setting 'assignable typed constants = true' would permit the use of an initialized typed constant or not. 
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