[fpc-pascal] Read lines into UnicodeString variable from UCS2 (UTF-16) encoded text file

Joost van der Sluis joost at cnoc.nl
Thu Sep 5 13:04:14 CEST 2019

Op 05-09-19 om 12:06 schreef Tomas Hajny:
> On 2019-09-05 09:00, LacaK wrote:
>> Is there consensus/demand on such solution and any patch in this
>> direction will be accepted?
> I'm not aware of potential discussion about this so far, thus I cannot 
> talk about any existing consensus (let's hear others), but I believe 
> that such a consensus could be reached.

> Yes, that's for sure. There's at least one person from the core team 
> list already involved. ;-) 

I think that this question from LacaK was not that strange. For people 
outside the core team, it is not always clear who is member of core.

Sometimes there are discussions in the mailinglist between people 
without any of the core-members joining in. Then it is really 
frustrating when a decision or patch is not accepted by one of the 
core-team members. (After all, only they can commit patches)

For me, it is clear that when Tomas welcomes a patch regarding the 
file-output part of fpc, it will almost always be accepted. (Unless some 
others can point to a flaw that Tomas did not foresee)

But for 'outsiders' this might be less clear.



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