[fpc-pascal] Does FPC require glibc?

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>> Depends on what you're using (and the platform). E.g. the compiler 
>> itself runs without glibc on Linux, but if you need to use threads 
>> for example that changes. Also if you link against libraries like GTK 
>> or Qt you also indirectly link to glibc and the RTL's initialization 
>> code will change due to this.
>> On some targets (e.g. macOS) using the C library is a must.
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>> Sven
> Thanks, if I want to compile a program for Alpine Linux (musl libc 
> instead of glibc) , is my best option to compile FPC&Lazarus from source?
As a first step you could simply test whether the existing binaries 
work, cause the C library is entered as "libc.so.6" into the ELF file. 
If it doesn't start and complains about a missing library then you 
should recompile both from source.

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