[fpc-pascal] javavcl and why I AM using it

Mgr. Janusz Chmiel janusz.chmiel at volny.cz
Wed Mar 27 19:36:24 CET 2019

Dear users and developers,
The reason why I AM using javavcl  units is simple.
Many modern development environment based on Free Pascal and Android 
target are using visual designers. It is fantastic fact for sighted 
developers, but not for people with no sight at all. Because pixel 
positions calculations without having The possibility to look at The 
screen while designing forms is rather impossible. Sure, it is possible 
to create GUI, which will contain The only one element and other will be 
only read by Talkback and other screen readers. But those GUIS are also 
not very comfortable for screen readers users. Because user can not use 
Explore by touch feature. Random putting The finger on The screen across 
app window will not speak The nearest object.
So my question is, if javavcl units can work with Android APIS, or if it 
was The attempt, which will never work. So I can use this units only for 
GUi creation, not for using Android APIS such as Media player?
I know about other very matured and very promising opensource project, Lamw.
It is excellent development platform, very nic visual designer, many new 
demo samples, it produces fully accessible GUI. But without The 
possibility to see and use build in visual designer, window which uses 
20 objects or more can not be used by randomly specify pixel values from 
Other parts of LAMW are perfect, project have very friendly community 
and developers are doing their best to develop stable and modern solution.
I like Pascal very much. Clever visually impaired developers have been 
able to develop very nice applications, may be that also because of VCL 
units, which do not enforce developers to specify pixel values of 
individual objects on The screen.
I Am very sad, that I do not know, how to work with Android APIS by 
using VCL. I can not use bass.so library, because very probably. Free 
Pascal compiler 3.2 and its ppcjvm module will not allow Me to call 
functions from external .so libraries written by using C or C++.
Bass unit contain some lines of code, which are not compatible with 
And I also fight with other problem. Build in .bat files are not capable 
to package .so library to .apk package. Sure, I can use .zip and some 
utility to sign packages myself, but it is not so comfortable work.
Thank you very much for yours time and for yours answers.
With warmest regards and with The deepest appreciation.
Janusz Chmiel


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