[fpc-pascal] Web Server Written in Free Pascal?

Anthony Walter sysrpl at gmail.com
Wed Mar 27 15:37:56 CET 2019

I've been tutoring kids on programming and using Free Pascal as their first
computer language. I've been creating example programs to demonstrate
different things computer can do and how certain technologies.

In that endeavor I've written a basic multi threaded web server as a
command line application. I wanted to know if other people have done this
much and it would be worthwhile for me to write up a small page with some
example extensions to the web server. What is your opinion, are of this
type of web server implementation and if there would be any value
dedicating some time to writing up a page about it with more information.

The basic web server program which you can extend looks like this (optional
clii switches include -port and binding -address):

{ A simple web server application }
program WebServer;

{$mode delphi}


{ This is our web handler for the web server }
procedure WebHandler(Request: TWebRequest; Response: TWebResponse);
  { Try to send the requested resource }
  if not Response.SendFile(Request.Path) then
    { If it's not found return a 404 page }
    Response.Status := 404;
  { Optionally print the request }
  if OptionVerbose then

  { Run the web server }

And objects to work upon the customizing your server look like this:

{ The TWebRequest class represents an http request }
  TWebRequest = class
    procedure Parse(const Request: string);
    { The raw request text sent by the client web browser }
    Raw: string;
    { Method which is usually GET or POST }
    Verb: string;
    { Path to the resource requested }
    Path: string;
    { Optional raw query string }
    Query: string;
    { Header name value pairs parsed into a handy collection }
    Headers: TNamedStrings;
    { Query or form parameter name value pairs parsed into a handy
collection }
    Params: TNamedStrings;
    { Print out all the information related to the request }
    procedure Print;
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