[fpc-pascal] bug in make install ?

Bart bartjunk64 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 24 01:30:48 CET 2019

On Sat, Mar 23, 2019 at 7:56 PM Bart <bartjunk64 at gmail.com> wrote:

> "Warning: Failed to retrieve the version of the fpcmkcfg configuration
> tool. It is probably too old to create the configuration files. Make
> sure a recent version is installed and available in the path or
> alongside the compiler-executable."

in TInitialSetupDialog.UpdateFppkgCandidates
CheckPath('C:\PP', Result) calls CheckFppkgQuality, which for 'C:\PP'
sets result to sddqCompatible

(Minor error in the code:
Notice the double backslashes:
we call  DirPathExistsCached(LibPath+PathDelim+'fpmkinst')
but 1 line above we already did:
LibPath := IncludeTrailingPathDelimiter(LibPath);

Then later in TInitialSetupDialog.CheckFpcmkcfgQuality
TInitialSetupDialog.CheckFpcmkcfgQuality A

      Proc.Options := proc.Options + [poWaitOnExit,poUsePipes];
      // Write fppkg.cfg
      Proc.Executable := FpcmkcfgExecutable;

  Error: proc.ExitStatus=1

C:\pp\bin\i386-win32>fpcmkcfg -h
Usage: fpcmkcfg.exe [options]
Where options is one or more of
  -t filename   Template file name. Default is built-in
  -o filename   Set output file. Default is standard output.
  -d name=value define name=value pair.
  -h            show this help and exit.
  -u name       remove name from list of name/value pairs.
  -m            show builtin macros and exit.
  -b            show builtin template and exit.
  -s            skip the creation of a backup-file.
  -p            force directory creation.
  -v            be verbose.
  -0            use built in fpc.cfg template (default)
  -1            use built in fp.cfg template
  -2            use built in fp.ini template
  -3            use built in fppkg.cfg template
  -4            use built in fppkg default compiler template

fpcmkcfg.exe does not support -V parameter

fppkg.exe does support -V parameter and shows:
Warning: The directory
"C:\Users\Bart\AppData\Local\FreePascal\fppkg\config/conf.d\" of the
include-mask "C:\Users\Bart\AppData\Local\FreePascal\fppkg\config/conf.d/*.conf"
does not exist
Version: 3.3.1


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