[fpc-pascal] Registers used by calling conventions

Anthony Walter sysrpl at gmail.com
Fri Mar 8 23:12:46 CET 2019

Jonas, thanks I found that information useful. The pdf on page 22 says "If
the class is INTEGER, the next available register of the sequence %rdi,
%rsi, %rdx, %rcx, %r8 and %r9 is used"

Silvio, maybe I was unclear in my second question. The {$asmmode intel}
compiler directive changes the asm syntax of what's allowed in your unit,
but it does not change how dissasembled code is displayed in the Lazarus
dissasembler view. I'd like to see instructions dissambled in the Lazarus
helper window using the Intel style. I wasn't referring to the asm code in
the source code editor.
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