[fpc-pascal] GDeque unit crash, FPC trunk

AlexeyT aaa5500 at ya.ru
Sun Jan 27 19:40:56 CET 2019

I see stange crash in gdeque unit if I use unit from FPC trunk

crash in TDeque.PushFront, i cannot understand it and i don't know the code.
pls, reproduce it like me:

- Linux gtk2 x64 (Ubuntu 18.4), fpc 3.0.4, lazarus 2.1 trunk
- get CudaText source and compile it
- unit atsynedit_adapter_cache.pas uses "gdeque"
- now I got FPC trunk file and copied it to atsynedit_deque.pas. Changed 
'uses' to use renamed unit.
- run CudaText in IDE, in CudaText open IDE's main.pp (huge file), go to 
file end, hold the UP arrow to scroll up
- after 1-2 screens are scrolled, i see crash

What causes crash - maybe last diff?
i tried to change new Increase* method with simple code like
FCapacity*=2; and it don't help.


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