[fpc-pascal] fcl-fpreport not built complete, missing fpreport.dom

Andreas Frieß friess at gmx.at
Thu Dec 26 23:49:18 CET 2019

Actual Debian x64 with fpc & lazarus from svn (with fpcupdeluxe)

if you compile fpreportdesign.lpr on a x64 system (i386 works) windows
and linux
Hint: (11030) Start of reading config file
Hint: (11031) End of reading config file
Free Pascal Compiler version 3.2.0-beta-r43633 [2019/12/03] for x86_64
Copyright (c) 1993-2018 by Florian Klaempfl and others
(1002) Target OS: Win64 for x64
(3104) Compiling lclfpreport.pas
(3104) Compiling lclfpreportbuild.pp
Fatal: (10024) Unit fpreportdom searched but fpreport found
Fatal: (1018) Compilation aborted
Error: D:\data\lazdev\work64ft\fpc\bin\x86_64-win64\ppcx64.exe returned
an error exitcode
if i activate show debug infos and show unit infos in fpc.cfg i see

(FPREPORTDB) (10048) Adding dependency: FPREPORTDB depends on DB
(FPREPORTDB) (10056) Finished loading unit FPREPORTDB
(LCLFPREPORTBUILD) (10048) Adding dependency: LCLFPREPORTBUILD depends
(LCLFPREPORTBUILD) (10027) Load from LCLFPREPORTBUILD (interface) unit
(FPREPORTDOM) (10055) Loading unit FPREPORTDOM
(FPREPORTDOM) (10002) PPU Name:
(FPREPORTDOM) (10005) PPU Time: 2019/12/23 14:53:48
(FPREPORTDOM) (10003) PPU Flags: 4224
(FPREPORTDOM) (10004) PPU Crc: 083B0CC3
(FPREPORTDOM) (10004) PPU Crc: 50A62B54 (intfc)
(FPREPORTDOM) (10004) PPU Crc: 6196D615 (indc)
(FPREPORTDOM) Number of definitions: 3227
(FPREPORTDOM) Number of symbols: 10461
Fatal: (10024) Unit fpreportdom searched but fpreport found
Fatal: (1018) Compilation aborted
Error: /home/andi/data/lazdev/trunk/fpc/bin/x86_64-linux/ppcx64
returned an error exitcode

l#msg344017 and


Michael Van Canneyt wrote:

 > On Thu, 26 Dec 2019, Andreas Frieß wrote:
 > > I have get fpc from actual svn trunk for x64 on windows and x64 on
 > > linux (debian) and i have seen, some parts of fcl-fpreport are not
 > > built and i found no ppu's for it. maybe the makefiles for fpreport
 > > have to be refreshed.
 > >
 > > I am missing fpreportdom.pp compiled, there is no fpreportdom.ppu.
 > > In the fpmake.pp it is commented out !!! But, if you want to
 > > compile in (win64, linux) Lazarus the standalone designer and/or
 > > the fpreport package, the ppu is searched. So it breaks building of
 > > Lazarus.
 > fpreportdom is not needed, has never been since it is in FPC.
 > Where is it used ?
 > Michael.
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