[fpc-pascal] Default properties first draft

Ryan Joseph ryan at thealchemistguild.com
Sun Oct 21 04:51:29 CEST 2018

Thanks Ben. I didn't want to submit a patch file yet (not that I know how anyways) because I don’t think it’s complete and perhaps it’s not even on the right track in terms of implementation. The compiler team seems busy now anyways so I guess this will just have to wait.

I didn’t do any extensive tests yet on big projects like the FPC RTL but there’s probably a bug I didn’t catch with default [] properties calling into my code. You should be able to compile single units though and test the syntax.

> On Oct 21, 2018, at 4:37 AM, Ben Grasset <operator97 at gmail.com> wrote:
> AFAIK you need to submit a ".patch" file with your changes against the most recent trunk revision to the bugtracker (with the category set to "patch", obviously.) I doubt it'll get considered seriously or looked at at all otherwise. For what it's worth, I did do a checkout of your branch and then a merge to get everything fully up to date, and when I went to do a full-tree build (compiler, RTL, everything) it raised a nonsensical error in the FCL-XML package in the "dom-html.pp" file, complaining that a call to GetItem for one of the list classes there didn't have enough parameters (which is not true.)
> That function was being read from through a property, so it seems like you may possibly have broken something somewhere.

	Ryan Joseph

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