[fpc-pascal] GLPT v0.1.1 released

Ryan Joseph ryan at thealchemistguild.com
Thu Oct 11 16:28:30 CEST 2018

> On Oct 11, 2018, at 9:17 PM, Anthony Walter <sysrpl at gmail.com> wrote:
> 1) I don't see any code to enumerate the supported screen resolutions

What do mean exactly? The API just returns a window with a OpenGL context. Resolution is the job of the user to define per their needs.

> 2) I don't see any code to toggle a window exclusive mode

Yeah it needs an option for full screen windows no doubt (I think that’s what you mean).

> 3) I don't see any code to abstract loading OpenGL or extensions
>   3a) You should provide a function to return either the OpenGL library name based on the Context requested, or a handle to the library so that GetProcAddress can be called
>   3b) You should provide a platform independent function to load extensions by name

I think the GL and GLExt have this functionality but I’m not sure if makes sense to call it for the user. That’s what I do with SDL.

> 4) Your get time function is incredibly inaccurate. You should be using QueryPerformanceCounter on Windows and clock_gettime on Linux and Mac.

I used NSDate class on Mac (Cocoa) but I’m not sure if it’s less accurate than your method.

	Ryan Joseph

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