[fpc-pascal] any free pascal standard function to compare a, string against an array of string?

Ingemar Ragnemalm ingemar at ragnemalm.se
Wed Oct 10 17:57:09 CEST 2018

You mean something faster than a for-loop? Like a hash table?

I don't know of any hash table in the standard library but there are 
some in the class library:


I have not used these myself but they may suit your problem.

Or you can just write your own hash table function. It is not that hard.


Den 2018-10-10 kl. 17:31, skrev fpc-pascal-request at lists.freepascal.org:
> is there a function like
>     if    IsOneOf('subtext', ['abc','cde','fecg','hig'])   then begin
> ...
> end;
> is there such a function IsOneOf(TheSubString : String; const TheStrings
> : array of String) : Boolean
> ?
> if yes, what is its name and unit?

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