[fpc-pascal] Option in Makefile to clean installed compiled units

Fr0sT fr0st.brutal at gmail.com
Tue Oct 9 10:11:40 CEST 2018

Hi all,

when building FPC from sources, I couldn't find a command to cleanup 
unit binaries copied to common .\units\ dir by "install" command. 
Without this step build process fails.

I build FPC from sources with the following layout:

.\fpc-min - FPC release installed from distrib
.\FPC - sources from Github

and these commands in batch file (this is a minimal excerpt from my 
larger script):

SET Base=%~dp0%
SET FPCMin=%Base%\fpc-min\bin\i386-win32
SET FPCPath=%Base%\FPC
CALL make clean || GOTO :BuildFPCErr
CALL make all || GOTO :BuildFPCErr
CALL make install INSTALL_PREFIX="%FPCPath%" || GOTO :BuildFPCErr

The problem is that "make install" copies all unit binaries to 
%FPCPath%\units\%platform%-%os% but "make clean" won't remove them so 
the next build fails on rebuilding CustApp unit (IDK why this very unit 
stops the process). If I add "RD /Q /S "units\%TargCPU%-%TargOS%" 2> 
nul" after "make clean" where %TargCPU%-%TargOS% is i386-win32, 
everything is fine. But I wonder if there's a built-in option to do 
this? I discovered some lines dealing with \units folder in makefile but 
its syntax just explodes my brain. I tried "cleanall" and "distclean" 
with no luck.

Best regards

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