[fpc-pascal] Order of Precedence: FPC/Delphi vs Java

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Sun Oct 7 00:46:10 CEST 2018

On 06/10/18 20:15, Santiago A. wrote:
>> places, so can't use Currency data type.
> 6 decimals, no currency that's a problem ;-)

Yeah, tell me about it.

> you must specify : "Discount will be applied to each item".
> 64bits is a lot of precision, but don't be overconfident, even in such 
> case errors can skyrocket with divisions with small divisors and/or a 
> lot of operations. Comparing to zero is always dangerous, you'd better 
> round the number to 6 decimals before comparing.

The product I work on is Royalties and Licensing across the globe for
very large and medium sized companies. A single contract can span
millions to billions of accounting lines, then you have to calculate
royalties on all those and make sure afterwards that adding them all up
still equals the original amounts. A huge pain and very lengthy process.

If it was up to me, I would have opted to converted all amounts to
integers as early as possible, do the calculations and then divide by
the correct amount to get the decimals required for reporting purposes.
But then, this product was developed long before I joined the company,
and changing it now would be a mammoth task. So for now, I've got to
work with what I've got - as most of us has to do. ;-)


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