[fpc-pascal] Firebird vs. SQLite vs. PosgreSQL

aditya siram aditya.siram at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 14:35:30 CET 2018

This isn't a Free Pascal question but I wanted to ask about the Firebird
database [1] because it seems as the Free Pascal community uses it the most
by far, so I hope it isn't too off-topic.

I've read the Firebird webpage and installed it but I can't seem to find
documentation on how it compares to SQLite and PostgreSQL. My high level
understanding is that it sits somewhere it between but I'm looking for more
in depth comparisons on performance, data integrity tests and maybe even
some real world experience anecdotes (+ive and -ive) on deployment,
maintenance etc.


[1] https://firebirdsql.org/
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