[fpc-pascal] Windows programming tutorials for FPC

Tomas Hajny XHajT03 at hajny.biz
Sun Nov 4 00:00:10 CET 2018

On Sat, November 3, 2018 23:04, James wrote:
> Thanks for the suggestion...
> I put my code in the OnCreate event as you suggested, but when I try to
> compile it, I get wrong number of parameters specified for call to
> Assign... my code worked before, and I have no idea what other parameters
> it could want or why it would be any different than my console
> application.
> I'm doing:
> Var
>    TapFileName : AnsiString;
>    TapFile  : Text;
> Assign(TapFile,TapFileName);

I guess that System.Assign(TapFile,TapFileName); should work for you.

> Any ideas why this works in FPC but not in Lazarus?

Probably a conflict with another Assign with a different functionality and
different syntax. I don't use Lazarus myself, but I'm sure it provides a
way to show where Assign is declared and how.


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