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It’s not a snippet, that’s the entire thing.   It’s pretty simple, just a sequential set of events to fix a file.  It would be a great help if you could get me an example of how to make this work.




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On 11/3/2018 1:20 PM, James wrote:

>And you can't just pop up a dialog window without having a window/form in the first place.  

That’s probably my problem…  My idea of just calling up the windows-API to get the save-as dialog probably won’t work without a form, even though I was able to get message boxes working

>In general, the logic of a GUI based program (regardless if Windows, macOS, Linux, etc) simply is different from a console program. Your console program main loop simply  pretty much just becomes a procedure within the GUI main loop.

This logic difference is what is most confusing to me.   I just don’t know where to put my main program and I don’t know how to output things to some kind of text box.   I don’t want the user to do anything at all unless it’s necessary… so if everything is set up correctly, the program opens, does it’s thing, writes some status stuff to a text box and closes,  no buttons to push or anything…. If I get a GUI program to work, I guess I can put a percentage complete barograph somewhere.  If there’s an error, I need to stop and wait for acknowledgement of the error, or if the output file was not specified, I want the Save-As box to just open up on it’s own with out anyone pushing any buttons, and when the save-as box is closed the process completes on it’s own and the program exits without any further user intervention. 

I had that problem many years ago as well, having literally written hundreds of console of TUI based programs, mainly on DOS, myself. And then switching some of them to a GUI program in Delphi (there was no Lazarus at that time) took quite a bit of rethinking of  a couple of decades habits in console/command line ways or even self written TUI programs.

I’ve been tinkering with Lazarus, and I managed to get a form with some buttons based on the examples, and I did make one button open the save-as box… but I’m clueless on how to make the save-as box only come up when needed and by a programming command, not because someone pushed a button.  I still can’t figure out how to write my writeln’s into a text box of some sort.    I get the idea… instead of a sequential program the executes from beginning to end,  everything kind of all happens at the same time


Yup, all the windows (as in GUI) stuff happens all the time, at the same time as your actual program. I have no had a program myself where I had a dialog "come up out of the blue" (as you kind of describe it), but I have written a lot of data conversion programs that at some point required to open up an additional open or save dialog. A lot though depends on what the actual logic behind the actual processing of your console program is. A lot of times, it might take a bit of re-organizing.
I am a bit short of time, as I am dealing on and off all day with some CERT stuff, but I will see that I take a closer look at that program (snippet?) that you posted later today or tomorrow morning  and return a rough sample of a GUI "solution" for it...





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