[fpc-pascal] fpc-pascal Digest, Vol 163, Issue 11

Ingemar Ragnemalm ingemar at ragnemalm.se
Sun Jan 7 18:56:51 CET 2018

Thanks! The limitations in the sound playing are straight from 
JavaScript's Audio API. I think I know how to loop a sound, although the 
online advice are pretty confusing. For playing a sound multiple times, 
it seems I need to load it multiple times! Not very elegant but it can 
be done.

The last point, is that when turning twice very fast?


Den 2018-01-07 kl. 16:38, skrev Sandro Cumerlato:
> Awesame work!:-)
> areas for improvement:
> in santa2
> - loop Jingle Bells.mp3 for an infinite pleasure;-)
> - play boing.mp3 multiple times in case of multiple keyboard hits.
> in snake:
> - avoid this:https://imagebin.ca/v/3nOH4webezqH

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