[fpc-pascal] First pas2js public release

Sandro Cumerlato sandro.cumerlato at gmail.com
Sun Jan 7 16:38:01 CET 2018

Awesame work! :-)

areas for improvement:

in santa2
- loop Jingle Bells.mp3 for an infinite pleasure ;-)
- play boing.mp3 multiple times in case of multiple keyboard hits.

in snake:
- avoid this: https://imagebin.ca/v/3nOH4webezqH

On 7 January 2018 at 15:03, Ingemar Ragnemalm <ingemar at ragnemalm.se> wrote:

> An update on my tests with pas2js:
> I have overcome most problems now and am quite a bit happier with what I
> see - and what I did see before was good!
> Reimar Grabowski asked for interactivity. Done!
> Myself, I wanted to reduce the amount of information, like file references
> in the HTML file, because, yes, it does matter! And I wanted to load
> sounds, and of course I, too, wanted interactivity! Done! Adding missing
> methods, interfacing to more APIs (like audio), no problem! It was
> surprisingly easy.
> Here is an updated version of the Santa animation:
> http://ragnemalm.se/images/santa/santa2.html
> and here is an (almost) fully working snake game:
> http://ragnemalm.se/images/santa/snake/snake.html
> I really enjoyed making these! My code gets more and more comfortable,
> there is no problem hiding the JS libraries. Will I do that in the long
> run? Well, I don't know but doing that can help me making the code portable.
> I also made some minor additions to Lightweight IDE, so now I edit,
> compile and run directly from the IDE. "Run" passes the HTML to a web
> browser.
> I have implemented a different way to run animations, but still don't know
> if it flickers on other platforms. On my Mac, there is no flicker at all.
> For gaming and similar purposes, all I miss now is the ability to save
> scores on file. For a wider range of applications, I want the ability to
> download data to my local drive. I havn't considered the case of
> communicating directly with some server.
> For being a preliminary "0." version, pas2js works wonderfully well!
> /Ingemar
> Den 2017-12-24 kl. 12:00, skrev Ingemar Ragnemalm:
>> Den 2017-12-22 kl. 12:00, skrev Michael Van Canneyt:
>>> On Wed, 20 Dec 2017, Reimar Grabowski wrote:
>>> On Wed, 20 Dec 2017 15:14:50 +0100
>>>> Ingemar Ragnemalm<ingemar at ragnemalm.se>  wrote:
>>>> But I don't see anything wrong with putting them in the HTML. For more
>>>> flexibility you could create the HTML via a template engine or something
>>>> but I would only load them from JS if there is a good reason to do so.
>>> One reason is to collect information in one place. Making HTML load it
>> gives me two steps to the file instead of one. More chances to do it
>> wrong.
>> While you are updating your code you can remove the two dependencies on
>>>> bootstrap (as they are not satisfied anyway and I think the whole fpReport
>>>> dir is superflous) and perhaps do something about the flickering of the
>>>> text (although this may be a little bit too much asked).
>>> Ah. They just remained from an example I worked from.
>> Text flicker is most likely caused by not double buffering. I need to
>> generate an image off-screen. Nothing strange with that, just one more
>> thing to figure out in the JS environment.
>> It feels really nice to have my first Pascal web application running!
>>>> Not dissing you or your work or pas2js but I fail to see the web
>>>> application part. There is no communication between client and server.
>>>> Actually there is no server side code at all and there is no interactivity.
>>>> In my book this is a static page, but perhaps I miss something.
>>> There is no interactivity, and no client-server communication, but this
>> is my *first*, my "proof of concept" for the platform, like Hello World but
>> with some more features (animation, random numbers, graphics elements).
>> Doing *something* with it myself, showing myself the potential, making a
>> kind of "thanks" for it and a Christmas greeting atthe same time.
>> Interactivity is the next step, and the ability to save data somewhere.
>> That is one of the points of pas2js. To allow you to program the browser.
>>> There is no need for a server. You can make e.g. a chess application
>>> that runs
>>> 100% in the browser, using a single HTML file. You can embed the JS and
>>> images in the HTML itself, and thus your HTML file is the 'executable'.
>>> See the browser as a desktop. Your program runs in that desktop.
>>> If need be, this program can contact a server - the classical
>>> client/server model, using HTTP as the protocol - but this is by no
>>> means a necessity.
>>> In that sense, the demo demonstrates this. The server is just there for
>>> you
>>> to be able to download the "program"...
>> Exactly. I get a cross-platform solution with no installations, in a way
>> that users are increasingly used to. And I can write it in FPC, which I
>> am a lot more happy with than a rubbish language like JavaScript! For me
>> it opens a lot of possibilities!
>> But let me get back to my current problems. I can accept loading images
>> through HTML for now, but how can I load and play sounds? There is an
>> "Audio" API in JavaScript but it seems that pas2js doesn't support it,
>> it can't find play(). I have searched web.pas and a few others for it.
>> Where do I start to fix that?
>> /Ingemar
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