[fpc-pascal] Modern Compiler Construction using Pascal

Santiago A. svaa at ciberpiula.net
Tue Jan 2 16:49:59 CET 2018

El 01/01/2018 a las 19:17, Yves Cloutier escribió:
> Hi there,
> I'd be interested to know if any modern compilers have been written in
> Pascal (other than the Pascal Compiler).
> It's unfortunate that that most Pascal books out there are rather
> dated.  I did recently purchase 

The first version of nim language  https://nim-lang.org/ was written in
Pascal. Here are the sources

Many times, when compiler is mature, the compiler is re-written in the
target language itself. Freepascal compiler is written in Freepascal.

First version of compiler must be written in other language, (of course,
the are not compilers for the language ), usually a language that
generates binary, compiling is very demanding to rely on virtual
machines Probably that is why there are not Java compilers written in
Java, or Python or Perl compilers written in Python or Perl . As usual,
the most popular language will be most used language: C, C++


Santiago A.

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