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> Thanks for the answer, I will imitate in Toro the behavior of Win64.
> Maybe it wound be better if you try to use the i386-embedded or
> x86_64-embedded targets. The non-embedded targets are simply not geared
> towards usage on a bare platform
Thanks for the suggestion, I don't think I am able to do that since the
whole kernel  compiles well by using the Win64 target. So I am not planing
to change the target. I notice that the code is in rtl/win64/seh64.inc so I
am starting to try to understand it.

Most of the exception handling and unwinding is done by Windows, relying on
specific sections in the binary. You essentially picked one of the worst
targets to implement your kernel with...
Another plus of the embedded target: you can disable RTL features that you
don't need (e.g. RTTI, threading, etc.).


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