[fpc-pascal] pas2js: Compiler options as Hints in SRC files

serge vertie vertiev at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 17:08:03 CET 2018

Hi All!
I want to use modules/functions/classes (generated from Pas sources by
pas2js) from JS code, 
writed manually.
In this case i can have some modules/functions/classes not used from other
Pas modules (and intended to be used directly from JS).
But all declarations, not used in external Pas modules, are simply ignored
by pas2js,
probably because of following optimization swithes:
-OoRemoveNotUsedPrivates[-] : Default is enabled
-OoRemoveNotUsedDeclarations[-] : Default enabled for programs with -Jc

Is there some way to specify some Compiler hints in some PAS sources for set
this optimization OFF?
E.g. something like this.
{$modeswitch $OoRemoveNotUsedDeclarations-}


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