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Sven Barth pascaldragon at googlemail.com
Wed Dec 19 11:23:33 CET 2018

Am Mi., 19. Dez. 2018, 09:03 hat denisgolovan <denisgolovan at yandex.ru>

> My personal wish-list is:
> - support for array calculations / automatic loop parallelization via SSE,
> AVX, etc.
>   Both static and dynamic arrays should supported.
>   Once implemented vector operations on arrays (ala APL) might be done
> using operator overloads.

There is already some vector operation optimizations (though right now I
don't know the specifics when they're triggered) and there were some plans
to improve on that. So, yes, this one is welcome.

- Custom/separate allocators for dynamic arrays (to avoid manually patching
> compiler).

Why do you need that?

- Coroutines. Portable library or in-compiler support.

A library as first step would be more useful. Later on one can think about
integrating it into the language itself.

- Interprocedural optimizations (something akin to LTO)

We already have WPO which does some things, so that can be build upon.
Though it's always a two step approach.
Implementing interprocedural optimizations on the node level might be
interesting, though for now inline helps there...

- inline assembler function support

The main problem here is to model what registers an instruction uses and
modifies so that the register allocator of the surrounding function can
take that into account accordingly... Maybe as a first step we could allow
in lining for funcrions that have a register clause with the touched
But yes, in the long term this would definitely be nice.

- proper macro language perhaps

No. We already rejected such an idea some months ago.

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