[fpc-pascal] Stack alias for ARC like memory management?

Ryan Joseph ryan at thealchemistguild.com
Wed Apr 25 17:19:21 CEST 2018

> On Apr 25, 2018, at 10:07 PM, Alexander Grotewohl <alex at dcclost.com> wrote:
> At work I've recently used Free Pascal to interface our accounting system to our WordPress WooCommerce store using Free Pascal's built in JSON support, fphttpclient, etc.
> I could list off a bunch of new languages with goofy names that could have done it, but Free Pascal did it just fine.

If all your writing is a one pass script then JSON and HTTP is so easy with PHP. Anytime I’m looking to write some crappy code that works just well enough for the task I go to PHP. I’m surprised they let you use Pascal at work even. :)

	Ryan Joseph

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