[fpc-pascal] Overloaded functions

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Sun Oct 29 02:19:04 CET 2017

On 28/10/17 23:54, Darius Blaszyk wrote:
> Thanks! This is in line with what I was suspecting. However, why in the 
> world does the compiler not warn in this case. This should be at least 
> happening I would suppose?
> Darius
> Vojtěch Čihák schreef op 28 okt '17:
>> Overloading means that you have functions with the same name but 
>> different parameter (or param. list). You can have different return 
>> type for each parameter but you can never have the same parameters.
>> V.
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>> Hi,
>> I have a problem with overloaded functions. I defined these functions:
>> function val_(name: string): string;
>> function val_(name: string): boolean;
>> function val_(name: string): integer;
>> function val_(name: string): double;
>> var
>>   res: boolean;
>> begin
>>   res := val_(option_variable);
>> end;
>> I get the following error: Error: Incompatible types: got 
>> "ShortString" expected "Boolean". So for some reason the compiler is 
>> looking at the first function. The mode is objfpc and I turned 
>> ansistrings off. I tested by adding the overload modifier but without 
>> result. What else could I try or do? Or is overloading only allowed 
>> for different parameter lists?
>> Rgds, Darius

Agreed.  The following incorrect override compiles without any problems. 
Since the second definition is inaccessible, it should probably get 
rejected by the compiler, or at least create a warning.

function val_(name: string): string;

function val_(name: string): boolean;

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