[fpc-pascal] Plans to support various ISO modes

Dominik Rappaport dominik at rappaport.at
Fri Oct 20 17:50:54 CEST 2017


I hope this question is not part of the FAQ list. What are the plans for FPC as to the support of the various ISO modes of Pascal? At the moment, there is a switch to enable "ISO" mode, but it's unclear to me which ISO standard this option enforces (Standard Pascal 1983 or 1990 or Extended Pascal). In particular, because even some features from Standard Pascal are missing:

For example, FPC:

1. Doesn't raise an error or warning if the wrong order of statements (var before type) is specified, as mandated by Standard Pascal
2. Doesn't raise an error or warning if "(input, output)" or an equivalent statement is missing after "program", as mandated by Standard Pascal
3. Doesn't implement the get and put procedure
4. Doesn't support Standard Pascal I/O (like f^ as the current input/output)
5. Doesn't implement conformant arrays

I've found an old statement where you referred everybody looking for strict ISO compliance to GNU Pascal. However, GNU Pascal has been discontinued, so the question arises, whether FPC is going to support a "strict Standard/Extended Pascal mode" (ideally both) with a full support of these standards.

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