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> Am 21.10.2017 04:16 schrieb "Nicholas Ring" <nring at southcom.com.au>:
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> > Hi,
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> > I am just wondering where eRTTI is at for Free Pascal. I have found this
> 5 year old thread (http://fpc-devel.freepascal.
> narkive.com/4OnA5HH5/state-of-extended-rtti), so I am hoping that it is
> just around the corner...?
> It's WIP, but no time frame. Hopefully before we release 3.2.0.
current RTTI already is improved. We have fixed very important part for
managed fields. Implementation for additional info (for example for all
record fields) is rather simple to finish. Soon should be published new
feature related to quality (aka FastRTTI) to speed up initialization of
managed structures (faster initialization/finalization) for records with
managed fields and for classes with managed fields. I am in last testing
phase. After FastRTTI the plan is to continue work with other RTTI
elements: $RTTI directive and related parts with improvements for rtti
module, typinfo and so on step by step.

Best regards,
Maciej Izak
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