[fpc-pascal] no fpc.exe file after installation

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Wed Oct 11 11:59:25 CEST 2017

In our previous episode, Graeme Geldenhuys said:
> > Well, lack of manpower is not that odd:)
> Isn't building the installations automated tasks?

The order of things is roughly

to prepare a prepare a release branch:
   - there is a script to branch, and 
   - a few scripts that help with version updates (+ about 10 manual fixes).
   - wait for feedback
   - update readme's etc manually and in cooperation with others (usually Tomas
     and for major releases Jonas usually)
   - spend several weeks of emergency fixes, since nobody is interested
     in merging to fixes if not directly before a release ( :-) )
   - call it final and generate final source archives (for targets without SVN)

Currently For FreeBSD I have 4 virtual box VMs (10+11 x86 + x86_64), for each:

- modify a simple checkout script (editing s the branch and working dir)
- run it (checks out branch, exports it, copies in
  (new) pdf docs using scp from a FPC server, copies static libgdb for
   32-bit targets)
- manually modify all ELF ids in startup scripts. Before LLVM times
    this went automated using elfdump, but haven't gotten that to work yet.
- manually fix outdated defines in gdbint (note to self, fix this)
- call a script to build. (install/makepack) takes about 2 mins on i7-3770
  freebsd virtual box on win64
- test.
- upload 

Before the VM solutions (FreeBSD used to be horribly slow in them, FreeBSD10
were the first VMs) I had a stack of old cheap Pentium-Ds on a KVM.

Nowadays this is fairly swift. (1-2 hours total) because VMs are fast, and
internet sizes have been improved. Most of the work always has been libgdb.
I'm told that trunk now uses commandline gdb. That would be a relief. Afaik
I haven't generated libgdbs for FreeBSD11.

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