[fpc-pascal] getting cross with the cross compiler

Tony Whyman tony.whyman at mccallumwhyman.com
Tue Oct 10 11:35:13 CEST 2017

On 10/10/17 05:51, pascalX at piments.com wrote:
> $make all         NOGDB=1 OS_TARGET=linux CPU_TARGET=x86_64 
> Makefile:2914: *** The only supported starting compiler version is 
> 3.0.0. You are trying to build with 3.1.1..  Stop.
> BTW is  that msg  is correct? I just built with 3.0.2 , it seems that 
> the version block is not specific enough or the message missed a 
> version bump. 
Yes, that message is always very irritating - but probably right. The 
FPC compiler I currently use is built from the fixes_3_0 branch and this 
demands the 3.0.0 compiler to initially compile the compiler. The first 
time I build from source there is no problem. I install the 3.0.0 
compiler from a binary and build the source and install it. The second 
time, the error message occurs because you now have a more recent 
version as the installed compiler.

The way I avoid the problem is to have a script I always use to build 
from source and to force the use of the 3.0.0 compiler for the initial 
build. This is still on the system and will stay there (unless 
explicitly deleted) even after the later version is installed. My script 
saves the initial compiler version in a file "build-version" which is 
added to my working copy of the source code tree. The script is given 
below as an example and is intended to be run in the root directory of 
the source tree. Note the use of the PP make variable for passing the 
path to the initial build compiler.


     if [ ! -f build-version ]; then
       fpc -iV >build-version

   BUILDVERSION=`cat build-version`

   if [ ! -x $PREFIX/lib/fpc/$BUILDVERSION/$FPCPROG ]; then
     echo "FPC Build Version ($BUILDVERSION) not found"
     exit 1

   echo "make default target compiler and libraries"


   if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
     exit $?

   if [ ! -x compiler/$FPCPROG ]; then
     echo "Failed to build compiler"
     exit 1

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