[fpc-pascal] FPC attributes / annotations support

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Wed Nov 29 23:55:34 CET 2017

On 2017-11-29 12:08, Mattias Gaertner wrote:
>> Even if Lazarus could support Delphi dcc32, would not be enough
>> because it will still missing the components.
> True. No designer, object inspector. You would have to create them in
> code.

Yup, I gathered that much... Hence the "dreaming" tag I used. :)

I just can't believe how bad things have become in Delphi. A commercial 
"professional" and "enterprise" quality product - it's everything but 
that! And the asking price is higher than it has ever been before. 
Amazing what a strong hold Embarcadero has with their "ransome-ware 
pricing model" on corporate companies. The open source alternatives are 
simply miles ahead - but corporates are reluctant to budge. Instead they 
will consider (toy with the idea) a rewrite of a multi-million lines of 
code project into C#, rather than move to open source development tools 
where they can keep the huge code base, the same language and reuse the 
same development skills. How weird?? Have corporates lost their minds.


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