[fpc-pascal] TSQLQuery and buffering.

Gary Doades gpd at gpdnet.co.uk
Sat Mar 25 14:53:36 CET 2017

>> I had read about UniDirectional and I have indeed tried this. It doesn't seem to make any significant difference. Looking through the source code for
>> TBufDataset it looks like UniDirectional just turns off building various indexes/structures etc. and fetches the result set all in one go instead of 10 row chunks.
>> It still buffers everything in memory.

> In that case, it is a bug. The very purpose of UniDirectional is exactly NOT to buffer anything, just to keep the current record in memory.

Ah, OK. I might have another trawl through the sqldb source then to see if it is a simple mistake I can fix or a bigger job.

I guess I should file a bug report?


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