[fpc-pascal] Delphi for Linux is out

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Thu Mar 23 22:29:51 CET 2017

In our previous episode, Zo? Peterson said:
> The recommended FPC approach, on the other hand, is a combination of 
> "Use functions from the RTL, BaseUnix, or other random packages" and 
> "Import the relevant functions yourself", and the documentation is "Hope 
> some exists or that adding an fp prefix works". 

The baseunix unit was documented from the start and actually adheres better
to manual pages than unit libc (which quite often uses artefacts from old
kernels and not current mechanisms. Even current by 2003-4 standards)

And the fp prefix, while much maligned is at least systematic. No need to
call _write or so.

Yes, it is less complete, but for that it is portable.

> Add to that, sometimes the RTL does have the imports/record translations
> you need, but doesn't bother to expose them publicly.

> Free Pascal has done great things, and I absolutely appreciate all of 
> it, but not having a good alternative to Libc.pas or Delphi's new 
> Posix.*.pas APIs has definitely been an annoying pain point.

Could you name the mantis items with improvements/problems ?

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