[fpc-pascal] Forward Generic Type Declaration Bug

African Wild Dog paintedlycaon at gmail.com
Sat Mar 18 19:20:25 CET 2017


Please confirm if this is a bug.

When I try to compile the unit below I get the error:

"generics_bug.pas(14,43) Fatal: Internal error 2012101001"

It seems the compiler has bug when handling forward generics declaration.

Tested on: Debian Jessie amd64 - fpc 3.0.2

=== CODE ===

*unit* generics_bug;

{$mode delphi}



  IGenericInterface<T> = *interface*; // Forward

  TGenericClass<T> = *class*
    FGenericInterface: IGenericInterface<T>;

  IGenericInterface<T> = *interface*




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