[fpc-pascal] SPARC / Linux

Pierre Free Pascal pierre at freepascal.org
Mon Mar 13 07:17:52 CET 2017

Hi Mark,

if you mean build a native installer for 32-bt
sparc-linux, I can tell you want you need to do:

- upload fpcbuild-3.0.2.tar.gz source,
- unpack it to /dir/to/fpcbuild-3.0.2
- upload the cross installer that I described in this thread
and install it in some /dir/to/temp-3.0.2-dir
  Check if installation generated a symlink in
/dir/to/temp-3.0.2/bin for ppcsparc, otherwise use:
ln -s ../fpc/lib/3.0.2/ppcsparc ppcsparc
in that bin directory.
- add /dir/to/temp-3.0.2/bin dir in front of your PATH environment variable.

  Move to /dir/to/fpcbuild-3.0.2.
  Use install/makepack
  Which will ask for:
  - a libgdb installation to enable GDB inside FP IDE,
which (if you do not have any, or if the compilation
later fails due to some linking errors inside IDE), you can disable
by passing environment variable CHECKLIBGDB=no.

  - it will also ask for a documentation file,
which you download from the Free Pascal ftp server as well.

  Launch once more install/makepack...
This time, it should do everything and
generated at /dir/to/fpcbuild-3.0.2 a new
which will contain a full installer.

  A last reason why this could fail is that there is no fpcmake
in the cross-installer... In that case, you will need to do this:
- move to fpcsrc level
- run
make install INSTALLPREFIX=/dir/to/second-temp-3.0.2
and restart makepack after adding  /dir/to/second-temp-3.0.2 in front of PATH variable.

  I hope the instructions are clear, 
and that I didn't forget any possible problem...


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