[fpc-pascal] Annual inform

Rafael Angel Campos Vargas rofoelcompos at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 8 12:34:29 CET 2017

Annual inform:

I am programming LibreN3D for 3D animations, and some other projects in FreeDOS and other systems,
but these three past years they really were standing by. I have a lot of complications, so "acceptable videos" will not be availables in 2020 yet. Don't worry, just you must have some patience.

In this link https://www.dropbox.com/s/7kr9i76rvcm95fp/FreeRay_2016.zip?dl=0
you can encounter eighteen new 3D objects LGPL (seventeen are FreeDOS compatible).
Older version of 3D objects the FreeRay subdomain http://freeray.juegosenlazaruscostarricenses.com

I spent a lot of time in my new commercial release Palitos Iniciales(http://palitos-iniciales.juegosenlazaruscostarricenses.com), because of some deficiencies FreeDOS v.1.X versions hasn't time limit for free probe
(others systems only one month).All programs are FreePascal software (also some Lazarus, SDL, PovRay, Moray, and some others...).

Now, I'm programming my new release Cometas Iniciales. It will have FreeDOS, Mac, Windows and Linux version too.

Thanks a lot, for your compiler. I am very happy with the DOS version.
Excuse me, I really think a process unit in DOS is very useful for me.

Jesus and Marie bless you.

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