[fpc-pascal] class operator in record

noreply at z505.com noreply at z505.com
Sat Mar 4 17:21:58 CET 2017

On 2017-03-01 03:06, Graeme Geldenhuys wrote:
> On 2017-03-01 02:39, noreply at z505.com wrote:
>> How come:
>>    class operator Initialize(var aFoo: TFoo);
>>    class operator Finalize(var aFoo: TFoo);
>> in a record are called class operator..
>> why not "record operator"?
> hahaha... You are asking all the questions I've been meaning to ask 
> too.
> From your question, just goes to show how rubbish Delphi is being
> designed these days. Mixing concepts of class and record
> interchangeably. And now we have "records" with constructors and
> destructors! WTF. EMBT/Delphi are seriously polluting the Object Pascal
> with all this rubbish. Unfortunately FPC feels like they need to follow
> them like lemmings.

I don't blame FPC for following them in some respects because it enables 
compatible code to be shared between FPC and delphi, but I get what you 

Oberon is a fresh new start without all this rubbish but look where 
oberon is: no where.
Almost no one uses it, nor cares about it..

so if fpc does things right and diverges from delphi, you have 
incompatibility ...

But I see what you mean and understand your point

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