[fpc-pascal] Implementing AggPas with PtcGraph

James Richters james at productionautomation.net
Thu Jun 29 15:43:56 CEST 2017

I defined a static array to convert the mode 13h VGA palette to separate red, green and blue to send to aggpas as well as the packed RGB565 format needed to send to ptcgraph 16bit colors.






   VGARGBRec= Record






   VGA256: Array[0..255] of VGARGBRec = (

      (R:$00; G:$00; B:$00; RGB:$0000),

      (R:$00; G:$00; B:$AA; RGB:$0015),

      (R:$00; G:$AA; B:$00; RGB:$0540),

      (R:$00; G:$AA; B:$AA; RGB:$0555),

      (R:$AA; G:$00; B:$00; RGB:$A800),

      (R:$AA; G:$00; B:$AA; RGB:$A815),

      (R:$AA; G:$55; B:$00; RGB:$AAA0),

      (R:$AA; G:$AA; B:$AA; RGB:$AD55),

      (R:$55; G:$55; B:$55; RGB:$52AA),

      (R:$55; G:$55; B:$FF; RGB:$52BF),

      (R:$55; G:$FF; B:$55; RGB:$57EA),

      (R:$55; G:$FF; B:$FF; RGB:$57FF),

      (R:$FF; G:$55; B:$55; RGB:$FAAA),

      (R:$FF; G:$55; B:$FF; RGB:$FABF),

      (R:$FF; G:$FF; B:$55; RGB:$FFEA),

      (R:$FF; G:$FF; B:$FF; RGB:$FFFF),

      (R:$00; G:$00; B:$00; RGB:$0000),

      (R:$14; G:$14; B:$14; RGB:$10A2),

      (R:$20; G:$20; B:$20; RGB:$2104),

      (R:$2C; G:$2C; B:$2C; RGB:$2965),

      (R:$38; G:$38; B:$38; RGB:$39C7),

      (R:$44; G:$44; B:$44; RGB:$4228),

      (R:$50; G:$50; B:$50; RGB:$528A),

      (R:$61; G:$61; B:$61; RGB:$630C),

      (R:$71; G:$71; B:$71; RGB:$738E),

      (R:$81; G:$81; B:$81; RGB:$8410),

      (R:$91; G:$91; B:$91; RGB:$9492),

      (R:$A1; G:$A1; B:$A1; RGB:$A514),

      (R:$B6; G:$B6; B:$B6; RGB:$B5B6),

      (R:$CA; G:$CA; B:$CA; RGB:$CE59),

      (R:$E2; G:$E2; B:$E2; RGB:$E71C),

      (R:$FF; G:$FF; B:$FF; RGB:$FFFF),

      (R:$00; G:$00; B:$FF; RGB:$001F),

      (R:$40; G:$00; B:$FF; RGB:$401F),

      (R:$7D; G:$00; B:$FF; RGB:$781F),

      (R:$BE; G:$00; B:$FF; RGB:$B81F),

      (R:$FF; G:$00; B:$FF; RGB:$F81F),

      (R:$FF; G:$00; B:$BE; RGB:$F817),

      (R:$FF; G:$00; B:$7D; RGB:$F80F),

      (R:$FF; G:$00; B:$40; RGB:$F808),

      (R:$FF; G:$00; B:$00; RGB:$F800),

      (R:$FF; G:$40; B:$00; RGB:$FA00),

      (R:$FF; G:$7D; B:$00; RGB:$FBE0),

      (R:$FF; G:$BE; B:$00; RGB:$FDE0),

      (R:$FF; G:$FF; B:$00; RGB:$FFE0),

      (R:$BE; G:$FF; B:$00; RGB:$BFE0),

      (R:$7D; G:$FF; B:$00; RGB:$7FE0),

      (R:$40; G:$FF; B:$00; RGB:$47E0),

      (R:$00; G:$FF; B:$00; RGB:$07E0),

      (R:$00; G:$FF; B:$40; RGB:$07E8),

      (R:$00; G:$FF; B:$7D; RGB:$07EF),

      (R:$00; G:$FF; B:$BE; RGB:$07F7),

      (R:$00; G:$FF; B:$FF; RGB:$07FF),

      (R:$00; G:$BE; B:$FF; RGB:$05FF),

      (R:$00; G:$7D; B:$FF; RGB:$03FF),

      (R:$00; G:$40; B:$FF; RGB:$021F),

      (R:$7D; G:$7D; B:$FF; RGB:$7BFF),

      (R:$9D; G:$7D; B:$FF; RGB:$9BFF),

      (R:$BE; G:$7D; B:$FF; RGB:$BBFF),

      (R:$DE; G:$7D; B:$FF; RGB:$DBFF),

      (R:$FF; G:$7D; B:$FF; RGB:$FBFF),

      (R:$FF; G:$7D; B:$DE; RGB:$FBFB),

      (R:$FF; G:$7D; B:$BE; RGB:$FBF7),

      (R:$FF; G:$7D; B:$9D; RGB:$FBF3),

      (R:$FF; G:$7D; B:$7D; RGB:$FBEF),

      (R:$FF; G:$9D; B:$7D; RGB:$FCEF),

      (R:$FF; G:$BE; B:$7D; RGB:$FDEF),

      (R:$FF; G:$DE; B:$7D; RGB:$FEEF),

      (R:$FF; G:$FF; B:$7D; RGB:$FFEF),

      (R:$DE; G:$FF; B:$7D; RGB:$DFEF),

      (R:$BE; G:$FF; B:$7D; RGB:$BFEF),

      (R:$9D; G:$FF; B:$7D; RGB:$9FEF),

      (R:$7D; G:$FF; B:$7D; RGB:$7FEF),

      (R:$7D; G:$FF; B:$9D; RGB:$7FF3),

      (R:$7D; G:$FF; B:$BE; RGB:$7FF7),

      (R:$7D; G:$FF; B:$DE; RGB:$7FFB),

      (R:$7D; G:$FF; B:$FF; RGB:$7FFF),

      (R:$7D; G:$DE; B:$FF; RGB:$7EFF),

      (R:$7D; G:$BE; B:$FF; RGB:$7DFF),

      (R:$7D; G:$9D; B:$FF; RGB:$7CFF),

      (R:$B6; G:$B6; B:$FF; RGB:$B5BF),

      (R:$C6; G:$B6; B:$FF; RGB:$C5BF),

      (R:$DA; G:$B6; B:$FF; RGB:$DDBF),

      (R:$EA; G:$B6; B:$FF; RGB:$EDBF),

      (R:$FF; G:$B6; B:$FF; RGB:$FDBF),

      (R:$FF; G:$B6; B:$EA; RGB:$FDBD),

      (R:$FF; G:$B6; B:$DA; RGB:$FDBB),

      (R:$FF; G:$B6; B:$C6; RGB:$FDB8),

      (R:$FF; G:$B6; B:$B6; RGB:$FDB6),

      (R:$FF; G:$C6; B:$B6; RGB:$FE36),

      (R:$FF; G:$DA; B:$B6; RGB:$FED6),

      (R:$FF; G:$EA; B:$B6; RGB:$FF56),

      (R:$FF; G:$FF; B:$B6; RGB:$FFF6),

      (R:$EA; G:$FF; B:$B6; RGB:$EFF6),

      (R:$DA; G:$FF; B:$B6; RGB:$DFF6),

      (R:$C6; G:$FF; B:$B6; RGB:$C7F6),

      (R:$B6; G:$FF; B:$B6; RGB:$B7F6),

      (R:$B6; G:$FF; B:$C6; RGB:$B7F8),

      (R:$B6; G:$FF; B:$DA; RGB:$B7FB),

      (R:$B6; G:$FF; B:$EA; RGB:$B7FD),

      (R:$B6; G:$FF; B:$FF; RGB:$B7FF),

      (R:$B6; G:$EA; B:$FF; RGB:$B75F),

      (R:$B6; G:$DA; B:$FF; RGB:$B6DF),

      (R:$B6; G:$C6; B:$FF; RGB:$B63F),

      (R:$00; G:$00; B:$71; RGB:$000E),

      (R:$1C; G:$00; B:$71; RGB:$180E),

      (R:$38; G:$00; B:$71; RGB:$380E),

      (R:$55; G:$00; B:$71; RGB:$500E),

      (R:$71; G:$00; B:$71; RGB:$700E),

      (R:$71; G:$00; B:$55; RGB:$700A),

      (R:$71; G:$00; B:$38; RGB:$7007),

      (R:$71; G:$00; B:$1C; RGB:$7003),

      (R:$71; G:$00; B:$00; RGB:$7000),

      (R:$71; G:$1C; B:$00; RGB:$70E0),

      (R:$71; G:$38; B:$00; RGB:$71C0),

      (R:$71; G:$55; B:$00; RGB:$72A0),

      (R:$71; G:$71; B:$00; RGB:$7380),

      (R:$55; G:$71; B:$00; RGB:$5380),

      (R:$38; G:$71; B:$00; RGB:$3B80),

      (R:$1C; G:$71; B:$00; RGB:$1B80),

      (R:$00; G:$71; B:$00; RGB:$0380),

      (R:$00; G:$71; B:$1C; RGB:$0383),

      (R:$00; G:$71; B:$38; RGB:$0387),

      (R:$00; G:$71; B:$55; RGB:$038A),

      (R:$00; G:$71; B:$71; RGB:$038E),

      (R:$00; G:$55; B:$71; RGB:$02AE),

      (R:$00; G:$38; B:$71; RGB:$01CE),

      (R:$00; G:$1C; B:$71; RGB:$00EE),

      (R:$38; G:$38; B:$71; RGB:$39CE),

      (R:$44; G:$38; B:$71; RGB:$41CE),

      (R:$55; G:$38; B:$71; RGB:$51CE),

      (R:$61; G:$38; B:$71; RGB:$61CE),

      (R:$71; G:$38; B:$71; RGB:$71CE),

      (R:$71; G:$38; B:$61; RGB:$71CC),

      (R:$71; G:$38; B:$55; RGB:$71CA),

      (R:$71; G:$38; B:$44; RGB:$71C8),

      (R:$71; G:$38; B:$38; RGB:$71C7),

      (R:$71; G:$44; B:$38; RGB:$7227),

      (R:$71; G:$55; B:$38; RGB:$72A7),

      (R:$71; G:$61; B:$38; RGB:$7307),

      (R:$71; G:$71; B:$38; RGB:$7387),

      (R:$61; G:$71; B:$38; RGB:$6387),

      (R:$55; G:$71; B:$38; RGB:$5387),

      (R:$44; G:$71; B:$38; RGB:$4387),

      (R:$38; G:$71; B:$38; RGB:$3B87),

      (R:$38; G:$71; B:$44; RGB:$3B88),

      (R:$38; G:$71; B:$55; RGB:$3B8A),

      (R:$38; G:$71; B:$61; RGB:$3B8C),

      (R:$38; G:$71; B:$71; RGB:$3B8E),

      (R:$38; G:$61; B:$71; RGB:$3B0E),

      (R:$38; G:$55; B:$71; RGB:$3AAE),

      (R:$38; G:$44; B:$71; RGB:$3A2E),

      (R:$50; G:$50; B:$71; RGB:$528E),

      (R:$59; G:$50; B:$71; RGB:$5A8E),

      (R:$61; G:$50; B:$71; RGB:$628E),

      (R:$69; G:$50; B:$71; RGB:$6A8E),

      (R:$71; G:$50; B:$71; RGB:$728E),

      (R:$71; G:$50; B:$69; RGB:$728D),

      (R:$71; G:$50; B:$61; RGB:$728C),

      (R:$71; G:$50; B:$59; RGB:$728B),

      (R:$71; G:$50; B:$50; RGB:$728A),

      (R:$71; G:$59; B:$50; RGB:$72CA),

      (R:$71; G:$61; B:$50; RGB:$730A),

      (R:$71; G:$69; B:$50; RGB:$734A),

      (R:$71; G:$71; B:$50; RGB:$738A),

      (R:$69; G:$71; B:$50; RGB:$6B8A),

      (R:$61; G:$71; B:$50; RGB:$638A),

      (R:$59; G:$71; B:$50; RGB:$5B8A),

      (R:$50; G:$71; B:$50; RGB:$538A),

      (R:$50; G:$71; B:$59; RGB:$538B),

      (R:$50; G:$71; B:$61; RGB:$538C),

      (R:$50; G:$71; B:$69; RGB:$538D),

      (R:$50; G:$71; B:$71; RGB:$538E),

      (R:$50; G:$69; B:$71; RGB:$534E),

      (R:$50; G:$61; B:$71; RGB:$530E),

      (R:$50; G:$59; B:$71; RGB:$52CE),

      (R:$00; G:$00; B:$40; RGB:$0008),

      (R:$10; G:$00; B:$40; RGB:$1008),

      (R:$20; G:$00; B:$40; RGB:$2008),

      (R:$30; G:$00; B:$40; RGB:$3008),

      (R:$40; G:$00; B:$40; RGB:$4008),

      (R:$40; G:$00; B:$30; RGB:$4006),

      (R:$40; G:$00; B:$20; RGB:$4004),

      (R:$40; G:$00; B:$10; RGB:$4002),

      (R:$40; G:$00; B:$00; RGB:$4000),

      (R:$40; G:$10; B:$00; RGB:$4080),

      (R:$40; G:$20; B:$00; RGB:$4100),

      (R:$40; G:$30; B:$00; RGB:$4180),

      (R:$40; G:$40; B:$00; RGB:$4200),

      (R:$30; G:$40; B:$00; RGB:$3200),

      (R:$20; G:$40; B:$00; RGB:$2200),

      (R:$10; G:$40; B:$00; RGB:$1200),

      (R:$00; G:$40; B:$00; RGB:$0200),

      (R:$00; G:$40; B:$10; RGB:$0202),

      (R:$00; G:$40; B:$20; RGB:$0204),

      (R:$00; G:$40; B:$30; RGB:$0206),

      (R:$00; G:$40; B:$40; RGB:$0208),

      (R:$00; G:$30; B:$40; RGB:$0188),

      (R:$00; G:$20; B:$40; RGB:$0108),

      (R:$00; G:$10; B:$40; RGB:$0088),

      (R:$20; G:$20; B:$40; RGB:$2108),

      (R:$28; G:$20; B:$40; RGB:$2908),

      (R:$30; G:$20; B:$40; RGB:$3108),

      (R:$38; G:$20; B:$40; RGB:$3908),

      (R:$40; G:$20; B:$40; RGB:$4108),

      (R:$40; G:$20; B:$38; RGB:$4107),

      (R:$40; G:$20; B:$30; RGB:$4106),

      (R:$40; G:$20; B:$28; RGB:$4105),

      (R:$40; G:$20; B:$20; RGB:$4104),

      (R:$40; G:$28; B:$20; RGB:$4144),

      (R:$40; G:$30; B:$20; RGB:$4184),

      (R:$40; G:$38; B:$20; RGB:$41C4),

      (R:$40; G:$40; B:$20; RGB:$4204),

      (R:$38; G:$40; B:$20; RGB:$3A04),

      (R:$30; G:$40; B:$20; RGB:$3204),

      (R:$28; G:$40; B:$20; RGB:$2A04),

      (R:$20; G:$40; B:$20; RGB:$2204),

      (R:$20; G:$40; B:$28; RGB:$2205),

      (R:$20; G:$40; B:$30; RGB:$2206),

      (R:$20; G:$40; B:$38; RGB:$2207),

      (R:$20; G:$40; B:$40; RGB:$2208),

      (R:$20; G:$38; B:$40; RGB:$21C8),

      (R:$20; G:$30; B:$40; RGB:$2188),

      (R:$20; G:$28; B:$40; RGB:$2148),

      (R:$2C; G:$2C; B:$40; RGB:$2968),

      (R:$30; G:$2C; B:$40; RGB:$3168),

      (R:$34; G:$2C; B:$40; RGB:$3168),

      (R:$3C; G:$2C; B:$40; RGB:$3968),

      (R:$40; G:$2C; B:$40; RGB:$4168),

      (R:$40; G:$2C; B:$3C; RGB:$4167),

      (R:$40; G:$2C; B:$34; RGB:$4166),

      (R:$40; G:$2C; B:$30; RGB:$4166),

      (R:$40; G:$2C; B:$2C; RGB:$4165),

      (R:$40; G:$30; B:$2C; RGB:$4185),

      (R:$40; G:$34; B:$2C; RGB:$41A5),

      (R:$40; G:$3C; B:$2C; RGB:$41E5),

      (R:$40; G:$40; B:$2C; RGB:$4205),

      (R:$3C; G:$40; B:$2C; RGB:$3A05),

      (R:$34; G:$40; B:$2C; RGB:$3205),

      (R:$30; G:$40; B:$2C; RGB:$3205),

      (R:$2C; G:$40; B:$2C; RGB:$2A05),

      (R:$2C; G:$40; B:$30; RGB:$2A06),

      (R:$2C; G:$40; B:$34; RGB:$2A06),

      (R:$2C; G:$40; B:$3C; RGB:$2A07),

      (R:$2C; G:$40; B:$40; RGB:$2A08),

      (R:$2C; G:$3C; B:$40; RGB:$29E8),

      (R:$2C; G:$34; B:$40; RGB:$29A8),

      (R:$2C; G:$30; B:$40; RGB:$2988),

      (R:$00; G:$00; B:$00; RGB:$0000),

      (R:$00; G:$00; B:$00; RGB:$0000),

      (R:$00; G:$00; B:$00; RGB:$0000),

      (R:$00; G:$00; B:$00; RGB:$0000),

      (R:$00; G:$00; B:$00; RGB:$0000),

      (R:$00; G:$00; B:$00; RGB:$0000),

      (R:$00; G:$00; B:$00; RGB:$0000),

      (R:$00; G:$00; B:$00; RGB:$0000));


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