[fpc-pascal] Implementing AggPas with PtcGraph

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Wed Jun 14 14:28:33 CEST 2017

On 2017-06-14 11:57, James Richters wrote:
> I've downloaded the zip file and extracted it to H:\FPC64.   But now
> I have a few questions to attempt to duplicate a successful 64bit
> compile.

Two steps are required - sorry, I forgot to mention that in my previous 
post (though I did to the person i created this zip for originally).

1) I find it always useful to have the <fpc>\bin\ directory in my PATH 
so that the fpc.exe executable can be run from anywhere.

2) You need to adjust the fpc.cfg file (located in the 'bin' directory) 
to match your install path. My path was:


Back in FPC 2.4.x I installed Lazarus which included FPC, which in turn 
installed the FPC under the c:\lazarus\fpc\ directory. Ever since every 
FPC update, I just stuck to that install location. So you don't need to 
have it like this obviously.

> Maybe it isn't valid to use the IDE with Win64?  I sure wish it would
> work.   I like and prefer the FPC text IDE.

The FPC Text IDE (64-bit) runs just fine here under Windows 7 64-bit. 
See attached screenshot. Even mouse support works inside the Text IDE.

I mostly use MSEide for all my console, web and fpGUI related 
programming. I created some custom project templates and away I go. 
Lazarus has some nice editor features, but is often buggy and the 
Lazarus Package system just doesn't work for me. With MSEide I use 
global (or per project) path macros instead. This gives much more 
reliable compilations.

Here is the command line equivalent of what my MSEide project does for 
the ptcgraph + aggpas demo.

-oaggpas_ptcgraph_output.exe -Fuc:\devel\fpgui\src\reportengine 
-Fic:\devel\fpgui\src\corelib\render\software -Fic:\devel\fpgui\src 
-Fuc:\devel\fpgui\src\corelib\gdi -Fic:\devel\fpgui\src\corelib\gdi 
-Fuc:\devel\fpgui\src\gui -Fuc:\devel\fpgui\src\corelib -l -Mobjfpc -Sh 
-Sc -Si -gl -O- -FUunits -viewnh aggpas_ptcgraph_output.pas

As for AggPas. I use the version of AggPas that is included with fpGUI. 
I simply make sure the path to AggPas is specified in the project 
compiler settings, which in the above command line parameter is:


FPC then compiles all units as it needs them, and I always output the 
compiled units into a project specific "units" directory (the -FUunits 
command line parameter seen above). I don't like mixing *.pas and 
*.o;*.ppu files in the same directories.

> I also wonder if this is a windows 10 frootllooopy weirdness thing
> (it wouldn't be the first).  Can you just email me the exe file
> zipped and l'll just try to run it here?  Then I will know if it's a
> compiler issue or an OS issue

I assume you mean the executable of the ptcgraph+aggpas demo? I'll do so 
in a private email.


fpGUI Toolkit - a cross-platform GUI toolkit using Free Pascal

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