[fpc-pascal] Large file support

Mark Morgan Lloyd markMLl.fpc-pascal at telemetry.co.uk
Fri Jun 2 13:17:44 CEST 2017

On 02/06/17 11:00, Marco van de Voort wrote:
> In our previous episode, Mark Morgan Lloyd said:> > 8 apparently, but off_t is documented as a cint32.> > https://www.freepascal.org/docs-html/current/rtl/unixtype/off_t.html
> The declaration is
> {$if not defined(fs32bit)}    off_t    = cint64;          { used for file sizes          }{$else}    off_t    = cint;{$endif}
> The 64bit is active, IIRC the 32-bit is for use with FPC_USE_LIBC for whenthe debian oldstable still defined 32-bit as seek (even though even somewhatrelevant distros already defined 64-bit).
> FPC_USE_LIBC for linux and *bsd still is still hardly used afaik.
> Maybe we could clean it out. Why the documentation tool picks the $ELSEbranch I don't know. I grepped, and it didn't seem to find anything in fpdocor (doc/rtl) makefiles defining it.

Thanks, I'll code defensively.

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