[fpc-pascal] OS/2 support and text colors

Graeme Geldenhuys mailinglists at geldenhuys.co.uk
Thu Jul 20 12:00:38 CEST 2017


Not strictly FPC related, but I know here are some OS/2 software 
developers around - and I have no idea where else to ask.

I'm working on supporting OS/2 in fpGUI Toolkit and creating OS/2 
themes.  Looking at some of the OS/2 screenshots I have collected, I 
noticed that in the same dialog you sometimes have blue text and 
sometimes black text. Anybody know why, and what is the difference 
between the two (other than the color alone)?

Here is an example:


The only pattern I can see is that "static text" (eg: labels and 
groupbox captions) use the blue text, but Checkboxes, Buttons, Menu 
Items etc use the black text. I still don't understand IBM's reasoning 
behind this though - but would like to know out of curiosity.


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