[fpc-pascal] backtrace code in fpc

Karoly Balogh (Charlie/SGR) charlie at scenergy.dfmk.hu
Wed Jul 19 00:48:06 CEST 2017


On Mon, 17 Jul 2017, Matias Vara wrote:

> Hello everyone, I am trying to port the code for backtrace, e.g.,
> GetLineInfo(), to my freepascal kernel in order to print a backtrace
> when an exception happens.

Slightly off topic, but make sure when you copy code from (or even study
the source of) the RTL, that your resulting code is license compatible.

> The drawback now is that I am not sure where the source is. I think it
> is the unit lnfodwrf.pp however I am not sure.

The backtrace/stack traversal code itself is in system unit, see
FPC_PushExceptObject and surrounding code. To print the frames collected
there, the system unit will just use BackTraceStrFunc as implemented by
various debuginfo units to print lineinfo strings based on information by
the different debug/symbol formats.

You just have to implement your own debug info parser and custom
BackTraceStrFunc, then the RTL should handle the rest. You can check the
various locations where BackTraceStrFunc is called in system unit for
further reference.

> From the code, it seems that this unit is opening the executable to get
> the debug section, is this correct? is it not getting the name of the
> symbols from memory? In my case, the debug symbols must be taken from
> memory since there is no disk access.

The lnfodwrf unit just gets the symbol name for a given address, stored in
DWARF debug info sections in an executable, and injects it's own
BackTraceStrFunc in the RTL to return that.. The same with lineinfo unit
for STABS debug info format, actually. Opening a file and loading it is
not a requirement, as long as your tables are in the memory anyway. But
normally these are not loaded by the executable loader of OSes, hence
these units will load/parse them.

If they're in memory in your case already, you can just skip the loading,
and implement your own customized version of lnfodwrf unit, etc.

BackTraceStrFunc is the key really, as it's quite universal. And the
default implementation is quite simple, see SysBackTraceStr.

Hope this was helpful,

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