[fpc-pascal] TProcess vs RunProcess()

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Mon Jan 30 08:57:32 CET 2017

In our previous episode, Lars said:
> > Indeed, that is one of the big differences between TProcess and
> > ExecuteProcess. I use TProcess often to execute something and then
> > capture the output results.  fpGUI's example IDE (Maximus) shows how it
> > can be done with TProcess.
> Well I may modify executeprocess/fpsystem to deal with stderr if that is a
> missing feature (may not be possible, haven't looked into it much).

Not without effectively changing it into TProcess. 
> Or, get assignstream working on windows and not just unix, but that will
> be a bit of a big undertaking, and again may not be possible.

Again, duplicating TProcess.

> mseide/msegui may also have some tips in its source code as it captures a
> lot of stuff and puts it into the ide in its custom widgets that trap
> outputs, actually kind of a bit like a Blackbox ComponentPascal IDE from
> switzerland, but still different ;-)

So thus Lazarus. It uses.... TProcess.

Hint: use TProcess :_)

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