[fpc-pascal] TProcess vs RunProcess()

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Sun Jan 29 11:18:18 CET 2017

In our previous episode, Lars said:
> Assign(StdErr, 'somefile.txt')
> Rewrite(StdErr)
> And didn't seem to work
> So if you run a process and nothing prints to stdout, and there is some
> data printed to stderr, I do not know how to capture it. Which makes me
> want to try TProcess instead, but if I could do it with FpSystem and
> ExecuteProcess that would be nice

Executeprocess doesn't support piping. It orignally was mainly meant as a
portable dos.exec with parameters passed separately and without string
length limits, implementable on RTL level.

If I were you I would simply look at tprocess sources how it pipes stderr.

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