[fpc-pascal] FPC run (run program after compile)

Lars noreply at z505.com
Mon Jan 16 11:06:14 CET 2017

On Mon, January 16, 2017 2:55 am, Graeme Geldenhuys wrote:
> On 2017-01-16 07:06, Lars wrote:
>> The only thing I could find was InstantFpc, which may serve similar
>> purpose but not really the same as what I was thinking...
> If InstantFPC doesn't work for you, you could always compile the FPC
> Compiler into your "own" executable that does compilation and then
> running the resulting executable.

Indeed, would not be too hard... even a shell script like you say..

If anyone finds this idea useful of seeing your program run, right after a
compile, at the command line, it might be something to add to fpc. It is
similar to how when you press F9 in delphi or compile a program in
turbopascal/fpide it runs the program for you, without multiple
link/compile/run steps like GCC and old C compilers required.

As for instantFPC, that would maybe make pascal programs run on a
webserver just by uploading them.. which is very interesting.... more
research to be done there as to what has to be installed on the server for
that to work... some kind of fpc compiler will need to be on the server
and in what directories.

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